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Driving Range 

Practicing your game has a unique spin at our range, where putting the ball in the water doesn't cost you strokes.

Our grass deck range is perfect for those who just enjoy hitting a bucket of balls, beginners learning the game and seasoned golfers who are looking to knock strokes off their game. 

Range Ball Rates 2023


Range Ball Rates  
Small Bucket $9.00
Large Bucket $11.00

For Frequent Users - Range Pass

Range Pass  
Small Bucket - 10 pack $63.00
Large Bucket - 10 pack $90.00

Range Etiquette

Just as there is etiquette on the golf course, there also is range etiquette.
Here are a few things to be aware of:
-    Hit only from designated areas. We stagger the hitting zones to ensure ideal grass conditions.
-    Once you find a spot, make sure you are in no one else's way.
-    Be aware of what is going on around you. Balls have been known to be hit sideways.
-    For your safety, never retrieve a ball or stray tee even a few yards away.
-    Making houses or the ball picker cart targets is forbidden and will result in having your privileges removed without refund. Please note, you are also liable for any damage or injury to person or property
-    When taking a golf cart to the range, please park at the base of the range and not on the tee deck.